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Butt-cheeks were clenched while playing this game!

i had a good chuckle. :D

Put the chills down my spine towards the end. Great game! Looking forward to your future games!

gg (skip to 18:45)

An interesting experience.

The game was not really scary but was interesting to play. 


In the end there were all my childrens pointing at me, but one of them was staring at the ceiling. What was going on up there? I wanted in on the action but was confused.


A devoted fan <3

Interesting Story!

this was a cool and creepy game, and for your first one great job. 

Loved your game! Keep up the good work!

Amazing game very spooky !!!

Thank you ! Nice video and sorry for that issue at the end. I corrected it and will update the game soon if you want to finish it !

Solid game. There's a lot of walking with few scares in between. 

Thank you very much for playing and for your video ! I am happy to see that you liked it ! It will be updated soon

I have to be honest I wasn't a fan of the game... however you included a mechanic that was very entertaining for me :) for a first game it wasn't too bad. keep working on your creations and I'll keep checking them out 


Thank you very much for playing and for your honest feedback. I will update the game soon, and sorry to say that but the hands will disappear ;) Thanks again !

Noooooooooooooooo :P

(06:56) Really scary game!!

Thank you very much for playing and for your video !

good game and good spooky atomshpere well done! 

Thanks for your video and for playing ! Update soon so stay tuned !

Very good, I enjoyed even in my computer where doesn't run well, congrats for your first and great game, I didn't expect that ending but I have to say that I was very happy because I was getting stressed with the situation and I had my heart in my mouth hahaha >.<

Thank you for playing ! I'm glad you get scared that's what I wanted ! ;D Thanks for your feedback !

We put out a complete review today!

Thanks a lot for this detailed feedback ! I need to improve a lot of things, and to learn a lot, and I will. Thank you very much, it was very helpful for me ! I'll post an update soon which will fix some some bugs, so stay tuned !

Great work! Didnt expect the ending and got super creeped out! Awesome work for your first game! 

Thank you ! Great video, and thanks for your support ! I will post an update soon, so stay aware !

I just wanted to say, congrats on this being your first game. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you did very well for something that was new to you. The game overall was pretty good. With a couple of small adjustments I think this could become smething really great! Good luck on your journey!

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback ! The game will be updated soon to fix some of the issues, so don't hesitate to play it again ! ;)

I had a great time wondering where and why I was.

Thanks for your video and for playing ! I had a great time watching your video ! The game will be updated soon, so don't hesitate to play it again ! ;)

good game, a little glitchy but that's ok! Keep going with development! 

Thank you very much for playing and for your support !

Thanks for the fun! :)

Thanks for playing and also for your video !

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It's pretty poor in content, the story wasn't terrible but could've been better but you know it's your first game on, so Imma just let that all slide.

P.S - I enjoyed playing the game, but I do see room for improvements and great projects in the future!

Hi, thank you for playing and for your honesty in your feedback. I agree with you, I still need to learn a lot and the game in itself can be improved. Thank you for your support

No problem!

Very cool experience.

Hi ! Thanks for playing, I am very happy you enjoyed my game ! About the gunshot, you missed the gun at the end, but it's not supposed to shoot if you don't look at it. I'll soon fix that and update the game. Thanks again for your feedback

This was pretty good! A little goofy at times, but the environment is very well made. I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough: 


Hello, thank you for playing and your feedback, your video was very interesting. I am happy you enjoyed my game, thanks again.

Certainly needs some work to flesh it out, but not a bad effort.

space as pause was an issue, I would stick to escape.. 

I would say a sprint mode would be nice but if you had that then the game would be over really quickly .. so there needs to be more content before I'd consider that.

Thank you for your feedback, I will consider your advises for an update. The run button is a question I am asking to myself, I will think about it

I thought it was going to be scary, but it wasn't too bad. I would say add a sprint button for the character to run, and several jumpscares to entertain your audience. Overall, it was decent!


Hello ! Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback. I am very sorry for that bug at the end, I will fix that in an update, and I will consider your advises too, it was really helpful for me thank you.

That was different and fun. Made you a video 

Hi and thank you very much for playing and your feedback, good video btw

Thank You! ^_^

For a first game this is very impressive! I had some legitimate moments of being spooked! I played this as part of a multi game video, its the first game in the video! Keep up the awesome work! 


Hello, thank you for playing my game. It was very interesting to watch you play, it enabled me to notice some issues that I will fix. Thanks for your support

I thought the game was cool.  I think it was consistently interesting and  there were no boring parts.  I, personally, didn't notice any bugs and I think the graphics were good.  Overall, it was really well done!

Hi and thank you ! You made a good analysis at the end of your video, I am very happy you enjoyed my game ! Thanks again for your feedback

It was a fun experience, was impressed by the graphics and the ongoing creepy atmosphere, the ending was a bit anti-climatic but it was good game all in all :) 

Thank you very much for your feedback, I am very happy you liked the game !

All my pleasure buddy :)

fun little game

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

The only thing I would recommend is to add more to the slow points like as you are walking to a point that something is going to happen maybe adding something in between would help with the depth of the game. Other than that, very good job with your first game!

Thank you very much for playing, I heard your feedback and advises and will consider them, thanks a lot !

not bad some decent ideas , the writing felt really rigid , characters speed  needed to be a bit faster , having space pause the game is a input that does not translate well  for players , enemies needed some more life to them ,  its decent but the writing was the 1 thing that i could not really get into at all  just some constructive feedback 

Hey and thanks for playing and for your comment. Constructive feedbacks is all I ask and it is one thank you. But what do you exactly mean by "the writing" ? The scenario ? Or the way writings appear on screen ?

A good game, maybe a little more resolution in the game, improve the shadows, I want you to help me by subscribing to my channel, channel link:

Thank you for your feedback and for playing ! I'll try to improve some of this allright thanks !

Its a bit rough 'round the edges but this ol' betsy could do it with some polishing.

Hello and thanks for playing ! To answer your questions, the game is that heavy because I totally messed up my data optimization and specialy textures. I also have issues with lighting as you saw. But I have to learn new and more skills to improve this game or make a new one way more polished. Thanks again for your feedback.

I like your story and what you tried to do with the game. Looking forward to what you make in the future

The game was decent for a first attempt and it shows. Though there are rooms for improvements to be made.

The biggest improvement you can make is text and walk speed. Just making it a bit faster makes the game more polished.

Add some background lore within the game itself. The players only know that something happened in the intro. (Not going to spoil it, but you have an idea of what I'm talking about) Maybe some notes lying around that explains the events around it adds more detail to the game.

Taking care of the invisible "walls" in the middle of the road. Self explanatory.

Lastly, more animation pose to the monsters in the last part of the game.

All in all, a very decent first attempt. 

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Hi, thank you for playing and for your detailed feedback, it was very very interesting. You are right I still have some issues with some lighting and collisions. More animations is a good idea too, but I need to improve my skills on that point. I note all your critics and will consider them for an update. Thanks again !

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Thank you for playing, your gameplay was helpful for me, I know I have a lot of improvements to add. Thanks for your feedback

Not too bad from your first game, there's some promise here.

Hi and a huge thank you for playing and for your feedback. It was very constructive, your analysis was pretty good you had very interesting remarks and suggestions that I will remember ! Thanks for your support and I hope my next projects will interest you too.

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for playing my game, your video was pretty good I laughed a lot, and this feedback was helpful for me thanks !

Thank you so much so happy you see that :) i'm glad you liked it .

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